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Step into a new era of marketing prowess and eCommerce excellence with Your journey towards unparalleled success begins with the simple yet impactful act of choosing a plan tailored to your needs—a pivotal moment in unlocking the transformative power of AI-driven marketing and eCommerce solutions.

Marketing Student


30,000 Subscribers

1 Facebook Page Integration

15 Chatbots Creation

100,000 Message Broadcast

1 Customer Chat Widget

100 Instagram Posting

Digital Marketer


200,000 Subscribers

1 Facebook Page Integration

50 Chatbots Creation

500,000 Message Broadcast

1 Customer Chat Widget

300 Instagram Posting

Small Business


500,000 Subscribers

1 Online Store

500 Products Limit

1 Facebook Page Integration

150 Chatbots Creation

1,000,000 Message Broadcast

1 Customer Chat Widget

1000 Instagram Posting

Medium Business


Unlimited Subscribers

10 Online Stores

Unlimited Products 

10 Facebook Page Integration

300 Chatbots Creation

2,000,000 Message Broadcast

10 Customer Chat Widget

Unlimited Instagram Posting


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Step into the future of AI-driven marketing and eCommerce solutions risk-free. Test the waters with our 7-day trial subscription, powered by our Money Back guarantee. Discover the ease of managing subscriptions and explore the transformative potential of without any concerns. Take the first step towards revolutionizing your business operations—try today.

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  • Sign up for our 7-day trial subscription.
  • Explore the AI Marketing and AI eCommerce systems.
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  • If unsatisfied, request a refund within the trial period using Money Back.

How To Secure Payment

At, the security of your transactions is our utmost priority. Through our partnership with TAP Payments, we ensure that every payment made through our platform adheres to the strictest security protocols and encryption standards. This commitment guarantees that your financial information remains confidential and protected at all times.

Secured Payment

TAP Payments ensures rock-solid security protocols, safeguarding transactions with advanced encryption and fraud prevention measures.

Get Payment

Seamlessly receive payments through various channels, offering convenient methods for customers to complete transactions hassle-free.

Payment Sucessfully

Experience smooth and reliable payment processing, ensuring that transactions are completed accurately and efficiently, providing customers with a seamless payment experience.

Why Go Pro Plan?

The Pro Plan equips you with a competitive edge. Gain access to exclusive features that set you apart from the competition. Leverage cutting-edge tools and functionalities to outshine competitors and captivate your audience in a crowded digital landscape.

POSTON,io Features



eCommerce System

AI GPT-4 Reply

Auto Comment & Inbox Reply​

Unlimited Subscribers

Unlimited Instagram Posting

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these responses address your queries. If you have further questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Absolutely. prioritizes security and confidentiality. Our platform employs robust security measures, encryption protocols, and follows industry best practices to ensure a secure environment for all business activities.

Yes, we exclusively utilize official API integrations with META platforms like WhatsApp Cloud API, Facebook and Instagram. Our adherence to official APIs ensures seamless, reliable, and compliant integrations for optimal functionality.

No, currently, having a Facebook Account is a prerequisite for using As a direct partner with the META Platform, our system requires the integration of your Facebook Account to ensure seamless functionality and access to our platform’s features.

Integration of your Facebook Account into our system is essential for leveraging the full spectrum of capabilities offered by Without importing your Facebook Account, accessing and utilizing our platform’s tools and functionalities would not be possible due to our direct partnership with the META Platform.

For a comprehensive experience and to harness the complete potential of our platform in enhancing your business operations, we highly recommend integrating your Facebook Account with

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in utilizing to its fullest potential through the integration of your Facebook Account. If you have further inquiries or need assistance with the integration process, our support team is readily available to assist you.

No, to fully utilize our platform’s functionalities, including the dedicated online store feature, integration of your Facebook Account is a mandatory step. The eCommerce capabilities within our platform are intricately integrated with your Facebook Page, requiring the importation of your Facebook Account into our system.

The integration of your Facebook Account serves as the cornerstone for unlocking the comprehensive suite of tools and features offered by our platform, especially for managing an online store. This integration ensures seamless connectivity and enables you to leverage the eCommerce functionalities tailored to your Facebook Page.

We encourage the importation of your Facebook Account into our system to enjoy the complete spectrum of features, such as managing your online store, enhancing customer engagement, and maximizing your business’s online presence through our platform’s capabilities.

We appreciate your cooperation in integrating your Facebook Account with our platform to harness the full potential of managing your online store and optimizing your eCommerce experience. If you have any further inquiries or require assistance with the integration process, our support team is available to guide you through the steps.

Yes, our platform allows for flexibility in managing multiple Facebook Pages while using a single linked Instagram Account. The primary Instagram account should be integrated or linked exclusively to your official Facebook Page.

It’s entirely within your discretion to create multiple Instagram accounts and link them individually to different Facebook Pages associated with your business. Our system accommodates this flexibility, enabling you to manage and synchronize multiple Facebook Pages with a single linked Instagram Account.

Please ensure that your main Instagram account is connected to your primary or official Facebook Page to optimize the integration and enjoy seamless connectivity between your Facebook Pages and Instagram presence.

We appreciate your interest in utilizing our platform’s features and flexibility in managing multiple Facebook Pages with a single linked Instagram Account. Should you have any further questions or require assistance in managing these integrations, our support team is available to provide guidance and support.

Yes, absolutely! offers versatile functionalities beyond being solely an online store platform. While our platform includes online store capabilities, its primary focus revolves around empowering sales and generating leads, which are fundamental to business success.

Even if you have an existing website or online store, integrating can be immensely beneficial. Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to amplify sales strategies, engage customers effectively, and streamline lead generation.

By integrating your existing website with, you can leverage our AI-powered automation features to optimize interactions across META Platforms. This integration opens doors to enhanced customer engagement and advanced AI automation, regardless of whether you already have your own website.

Utilizing alongside your existing online store enables you to tap into the power of META Platform integrations, AI-driven automation, and effective lead generation strategies to augment your business’s online presence and sales potential.

Absolutely yes! While marketplace apps offer extensive reach, offers a distinctive value proposition that goes beyond a traditional marketplace. Our platform isn’t just another marketplace—it’s your dedicated online store equipped with powerful sales and customer generation features. is designed to prioritize your brand’s presence and integrity. Unlike marketplace apps, our fees are significantly lower, and we don’t charge any percentage commission per order. This means you retain more of your earnings without the pressure of paying substantial fees or competing against thousands of other sellers within the marketplace provider app.

Maintaining a presence on allows you to exclusively focus on your brand. It provides a unique opportunity to preserve your brand identity and concentrate on maintaining customer relationships without the clutter of numerous competitors within a marketplace environment.

Moreover, with, you have the autonomy to conduct your own advertising and marketing campaigns. This empowers you to gather invaluable customer data and cultivate direct relationships with your audience, helping you build a loyal customer base.

In essence, while marketplace apps offer vast exposure, offers a tailored, brand-centric experience that prioritizes your business’s unique identity, minimizes fees, and allows you to take control of your advertising efforts and customer data.

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to utilize your own delivery drivers with While Mashkor Delivery Services is an available option, it is not mandatory. is designed to accommodate your preferences regarding delivery drivers. If your business already has a reliable team of delivery drivers, you can seamlessly integrate them into our system. Our platform provides a robust framework for receiving orders from customers, generating detailed order invoices, and facilitating smooth coordination with your own delivery drivers.

This flexibility allows you to optimize your existing delivery infrastructure while utilizing to streamline order management. However, should you require delivery services due to a lack of drivers, Mashkor Delivery Services is available as an alternative option. ensures that your orders from customers are efficiently processed and presented with detailed order invoices, providing essential references for your own delivery drivers to fulfill orders seamlessly.


Revolutionize Your Sales Process: Drive More Sales and Streamline Lead Management Effortlessly with

Tailored strategies are at the heart of our approach. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our methodologies are personalized to fit your business needs, ensuring that each interaction resonates with your audience and drives tangible results.