It's Not A Typical Online Store, It's POSTON AI eCommerce System.

POSTON AI eCommerce stands as the pinnacle of Online Store builders, offering unparalleled advancement. It uniquely integrates with Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, transforming META platforms into seamless online stores.

POSTON eCommerce

POSTON eCommerce is different

Packed with Powerful Sales Generator Features

Elevate your business with POSTON eCommerce – the swift, hassle-free solution for all your needs. Craft your unique online store effortlessly, seamlessly integrate with META Platforms, and watch your sales and customer base grow.

Our Sales Generator Features guarantee a daily influx of sales, streamlining your e-commerce for unparalleled success. With POSTON, simplicity meets unmatched performance.

Expand Your Reach

With, broaden your responsiveness to customer needs. Our platform enables you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, fostering lasting relationships and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Skyrocket Sales Growth

Experience exponential sales growth with the dynamic capabilities of Our Sales Generator Features are strategically designed to propel your business forward, ensuring a continuous uptrend in sales and maximizing your revenue potential.

Engage More Customers

Captivate a larger audience and keep them engaged effortlessly. empowers you to create compelling interactions with your customers, driving increased interest and participation in your products or services.

Secure Multi-Usable

Trust in the security and versatility of Our platform is designed to be robust and multi-usable, providing a secure environment for your business operations while offering flexibility in adapting to various aspects of your unique needs.


Why Choose Us

Choosing the right software for your company is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. 60% of the advanced features are not available in the Global Market till this date.

Access your dedicated business account to establish and manage your advanced online store effortlessly. Handle customer orders and manage delivery, using in-house drivers or trusted third-party providers like Mashkor. It’s your business, under your control – from start to delivery,

Boost your online presence with – the exclusive software that directly integrates with META Platforms. Transform Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp into intelligent online stores powered by AI GPT-4 OpenAI core.

Be a digital commerce trailblazer with the only platform seamlessly connecting social media to a smart online store. redefines possibilities, making your business stand out in the dynamic online retail landscape.

Explore the unique capabilities of – beyond ordinary ecommerce platforms. Our software stands out with features like social media direct posting, chatbot creation, automatic comment replies, broadcast messages, powerful notifications, and a comprehensive live chat dashboard. goes beyond the conventional, offering innovative functionalities to enhance your online presence.

Elevate your ecommerce experience with a platform that redefines possibilities.

Our Trusted Partners

Our network of partners offers tailored solutions for your unique challenges. Whether it’s enhancing operational efficiency, expanding market reach, or innovating product offerings, our partners are committed to maximizing your business success.



Create Chatbots with AI Effortless for WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook Stores.

Transform your WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram into a sophisticated AI Customer Care powerhouse, meticulously trained with your business data. Imagine having a 24/7 professional assistant that seamlessly responds to customer inquiries with precision, showcasing your products and services flawlessly. With this innovative integration, your META Platforms become dynamic sales engines even while you’re asleep.

Elevate your customer engagement to new heights and let the power of AI work for you, providing a level of service that reflects the professionalism of your business around the clock.

AI Customer Care
POSTON Auto Comment and Inbox Reply


Generate More Sales and Get More Customers Daily!

Never miss a sale with our Chatbot + AI comment reply. This dynamic duo generates professional responses to customer inquiries, ensuring you capture every opportunity seamlessly. Elevate your customer engagement and maximize sales potential effortlessly.

Immediately engage customers by auto sending direct messages after their comments. Showcase your offerings and company details directly, turning every comment into an opportunity for personalized engagement and increased conversions.

Unlock the winning combo of Post Comment Reply and Direct Message Inbox. Seamlessly convert potentials into paying customers, streamlining your sales process for maximum impact. Elevate your strategy and turn every interaction into a successful transaction.


Sales & Social Media Accounts Analytics

Gain invaluable insights with our Sales & Social Media Accounts Analytics. Elevate your business strategy by harnessing the power of data, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your sales and social media performance.

With our analytics tools, unlock a deeper understanding of customer behavior, track sales trends, and refine your social media approach for unparalleled success. Transform data into action and propel your business forward with precision and confidence.

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POSTON Analytics

Choose Plan and Kick-start

Choose Plan and Kick-start! is a great software to start your online selling journey. We offer a variety
of store business plans to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Pricing List

We offer a variety of Store Plans to choose from. POSTON eCommerce is powered by AI and META, it is not a typical normal online store that you know.

Small Business


500,000 Subscribers

1 Online Store

500 Products Limit

1 Facebook Page Integration

150 Chatbots Creation

1,000,000 Message Broadcast

1 Customer Chat Widget

1000 Instagram Posting

Medium Business


Unlimited Subscribers

10 Online Stores

Unlimited Products 

10 Facebook Page Integration

300 Chatbots Creation

2,000,000 Message Broadcast

10 Customer Chat Widget

Unlimited Instagram Posting

Enterprise Plan


Unlimited Subscribers

50 Online Stores

Unlimited Products 

50 Facebook Page Integration

Unlimited Chatbots Creation

Unlimited Message Broadcast

30 Customer Chat Widget

Unlimited Instagram Posting


Revolutionize Your Sales Process: Drive More Sales and Streamline Lead Management Effortlessly with

Tailored strategies are at the heart of our approach. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our methodologies are personalized to fit your business needs, ensuring that each interaction resonates with your audience and drives tangible results.