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Direct & Scheduled Posting

Post on Instagram and Facebook using POSTON

Dedicated Online Store

Create Digital or Tangible Products Online Store

Auto Comment & Inbox Reply

Set 24/7 Comment + Inbox Reply in your Post and Ads

Live Chat Dashboard

Chat with your customers directly in 1 Dashboard

Chatbots and AI Automation

Create Your Own Chatbots with GPT-4 AI

Social Media & Store Metrics

Check your store and social media analytics

Subscriber Broadcasting

Send Unlimited Messages to your Customers

META Platforms

AI Customer Care

Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp

Generate More Sales & Real Customers

Never Lose Customers Again with POSTON AI

Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy with POSTON AI Automation Features: Unlock Real Customer Growth and Retention 24/7.

In the dynamic landscape of business, generating sales and cultivating a loyal customer base are essential for sustainable success. Introducing POSTON AI, the groundbreaking feature designed to elevate your sales game, attract genuine customers, and ensure an unbreakable bond with your clientele.


Unleash The Power Of Your Marketing Strategies

POSTON’s intuitive interface allows effortless scheduling and direct posting on Facebook and Instagram. Seamlessly plan and publish content at optimal times, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. Elevate your social media game with AI-driven post caption generator that enhance your content strategy for unparalleled results.

Experience unmatched customer engagement with POSTON’s AI-driven auto-comment and inbox DM reply functionalities. Effortlessly manage interactions by automatically responding to comments and messages, nurturing relationships, and providing timely information to potential customers.

Engage seamlessly with customers on META platform messengers using chatbots and AI automation. Whether it’s on Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook, POSTON’s advanced capabilities streamline communication, answering queries, and guiding users through their purchasing journey.

Unlock the potential of subscriber broadcasting across Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Reach your audience effectively through tailored broadcasts, promotions, and updates, fostering a direct and impactful connection with your customer base.

Consolidate your communication channels into one centralized platform. POSTON offers a unified dashboard for live chat across Instagram and Facebook, enabling efficient and effective real-time interactions with customers.

Leverage POSTON’s advanced webview form and chatbot integration to streamline appointment scheduling and lead generation. Capture potential customers’ information seamlessly, guiding them through a personalized experience that converts interest into action.

Establish a robust online presence effortlessly. POSTON provides a dedicated online store for both digital and tangible products, equipped with a seamless order processing system. Maximize sales by providing a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers.

META Platforms
Smartest & Most Reliable Artificial Intelligence

Powered by the #1 AI Core GPT-4 TurboOpenAI backed by Microsoft

Add Your Own Instructions to AI 100%
Upload Your Products or Services Information 100%
Input Limitations to Your AI for Professional Response 100%

POSTON stands at the forefront of AI innovation, fueled by the superior intelligence of OpenAI—an industry leader renowned for its cutting-edge technology. With the backing of Microsoft, POSTON emerges as a beacon of reliability and innovation, equipped to exceed your loftiest expectations.

POSTON redefines the AI landscape, offering not just intelligence, but intelligence at your command. With its unparalleled capabilities, tailored responses, seamless integration, and precision control, POSTON represents the pinnacle of AI innovation, empowering your brand to engage customers intelligently and foster enduring relationships. Embrace the future of AI with POSTON and unlock a realm of possibilities for your business. Is Not Only An Online Store, It's Your AI Marketing System

POSTON Is Not a Marketplace & Not a Normal Online Store Can Be Use Even You Have Your Own Website. represents a paradigm shift in online commerce—fusing innovation with convenience and expanding your sales horizons. It serves as your ultimate partner, seamlessly integrating with your website and enabling customers to engage effortlessly through popular META platforms. Embrace the future of online sales with and witness a transformative surge in customer acquisition and sales, all while maintaining the integrity of your brand's online presence.

The Advantage

  • Enhanced Integration: Amplify your online presence without replacing your existing website.
  • META Platform Integration: Seamlessly connect with customers on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Simplified Purchasing: Enable customers to view, order, and pay directly through familiar social media accounts.
  • Convenience and Security: Streamline transactions while ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience.

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