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Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp. Automation powered by META official API


Fully BOT automation with

Scheduled posts, Auto comment with inbox reply and a lot more!


Automate WhatsApp features with AI

Convert your WhatsApp to an AI Customer Care and eCommerce platform.


Unleash The Power of Facebook with OpenAI

Train your Facebook AI according to your business data, products and services.


Beautiful Artificial Intelligence has harnessed the power of OpenAI integration and META official API to create a seamless, efficient, and transformative marketing experience for businesses of all sizes.

META Platforms

Automate Content Post on Instagram

100% Safe to use, get auto comment replies with inbox reply.

Grow with POSTON AI

Fully Creative Controls

Automate Content Post on Facebook

100% Safe to use, get auto comment replies with inbox reply.

Grow with POSTON AI

Fully Creative Controls

Automate Business on WhatsApp

100% Safe to use, powered by OpenAI official API GPT 4.

Grow with POSTON AI

Fully Creative Controls

Unleash the Power of AI in Digital Marketing with

1. Simplified Social Media Management

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually posting on different platforms. With, you can directly post and schedule your content across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, all from one centralized dashboard. Save time, increase consistency, and watch your brand presence soar.

2. Automated AI Comment Replies

Engaging with your audience just got smarter. Our AI-powered Inbox Reply feature automatically responds to comments and messages across various social media platforms. Provide instant responses, boost customer satisfaction, and build lasting relationships without lifting a finger

3. Advanced AI Content Creator

Unlock the power of ChatGPT-driven content creation. Generate captivating and personalized content effortlessly, tailored to your audience's preferences. Create impactful blog posts, social media captions, and more with the brilliance of artificial intelligence.

4. Multilingual AI Customer Care

Cater to a global audience effortlessly. Convert Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp into AI Customer Care centers, capable of responding to customer queries in any language. Delight your customers and break language barriers with ease.

5. Advanced META Ads Panel

Maximize your advertising potential with AI Assistance. Our META Ads Panel helps you target the right audience effectively, optimizing your campaigns for better results and higher ROI.

6. Tasks KanBan Workspace

Designed for professionals, our KanBan Workspace offers seamless project management and collaboration. Organize your tasks, streamline workflows, and achieve marketing excellence with ease.

7. Dedicated eCommerce System

Take your online store to new heights with our robust eCommerce system. Sell physical and digital products effortlessly, and with over 120 payment gateways available, offer a seamless shopping experience to customers worldwide.

8. Automated Messenger eCommerce

Transform Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp Messenger into your automated eCommerce hub. Customers can order and pay directly from Messenger, simplifying the buying process and driving more sales.

9. Hidden Targeted Audience Insights

Discover your ideal audience effortlessly. With just three clicks, uncover hidden interests for your META Ads, enabling you to reach the right customers with precision.

10. Free Audience Insights

Access valuable insights for your Facebook Page and Instagram Business Account at no cost. Understand your audience better and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

11. Web Form for Ad Lead Generation

Generate quality leads seamlessly with our Web Form feature. Capture valuable data from potential customers and optimize your ad campaigns for better conversions.

12. Unified Messaging Dashboard

Stay connected with your followers effortlessly. Send messages to all your followers from one unified dashboard, saving time and enhancing communication.

13. Google My Business Management

Take control of your Google My Business Map with direct and scheduled posts, and automated replies to reviews. Enhance your online presence and manage your business listings like a pro.

14. WhatsApp and Telegram BOT AI

Elevate customer care with AI-powered BOTs for WhatsApp and Telegram. Offer timely support and send bulk messages effortlessly, nurturing customer relationships effectively.

15. Automated WordPress Blog Posting

Expand your reach with automated WordPress blog article posting on your Facebook Pages and Groups. Share your valuable content effortlessly and attract more visitors to your website.

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Don't miss the chance to revolutionize your digital marketing strategies. Embrace the power of AI with and watch your business soar to new heights. Join the AI marketing revolution today and be at the forefront of innovation!


META Messenger AI Online Store

Convert your Facebook, WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger to a dedicated online store where your customer can order and pay directly from their messenger with AI Customer Assistance.










Our Pricing Plans

Our pricing has no limits on how many subscribers you will use our platform.

Omnichannel Tool

The only web application that can handle multiple channels in 1 dashboard.

Reliable System

Hosted with Hetzner's proven reliable ASTRA 60 Cores dedicated hosting server.

Endless Possibilities

Digital marketing tool that sets no boundaries, powered by OpenAI and advanced features.

Unique Technologies

POSTON team develops more system feature upgrades that are not available globally.


The Only Tool You Need.....

A digital marketing tool that can be used for SEO, BOT Automation, AI Systems, Social Media Management, Online Store, Content Creation, Affiliate Marketing, and Image Generator. is excellent for Travel agencies, Restaurants, Service Providers (Manpower, IT, Marketing agencies), and other businesses that sell physical and digital products online.

  • Social Media Management
  • Google Business Map
  • META Ads
  • AI Customer Care
  • AI Content Creator
  • eCommerce System

eCommerce Platform & Ordering System

The POSTON eCommerce platform is the only online store that can convert the META Messenger to an AI shop that will help you get more sales daily!

POSTON eCommerce AI

Why use POSTON Store?


It's Simply Amazing!

9 main reasons why you need POSTON AI Store more than anything else.

Revolutionize Your Online Business: Seamlessly Connect, Engage, and Sell! Introducing the Ultimate eCommerce Store that Harmonizes with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram Messenger. Elevate customer convenience as they explore, order, and securely pay – all within the familiar comforts of Messenger. Elevate your eCommerce game with direct, instant, and irresistible shopping experiences.

Empowering Simplicity: Unleash Your Potential with! No Tech Skills Needed – Our System Welcomes All. From Beginners to Masters, Seamlessly Command Experience the Ease of Control as Novices Morph into Champions. Embrace Effortless Mastery Today!

Craft Your Online Store, Your Way: Introducing Our Exclusive Store Customizer! Infuse Your Brand into Every Pixel of Your Online Presence. Unlock Limitless Creativity as Your Store Morphs into a True Reflection of Your Brand’s Essence. Elevate Your E-Commerce Game with Tailored Perfection!

Brand Brilliance Unleashed: Introducing Domain Integration for Your POSTON AI Store! Your Domain, Your Identity – Seamlessly Fuse Your Brand into Every Byte of Your Online Presence. Elevate Credibility, Captivate Audiences, and Dazzle with Exclusive Brand Showcasing. Ignite Recognition with Every Click!

Empower Your Reach: Discover the Multilingual Marvel of! From Global to Local, Seamlessly Navigate Your Main Dashboard in Any Language. Unleash the Power of RTL Arabic Support, Breaking Barriers and Expanding Horizons. Connect Beyond Borders, Where Language is Never a Limit!

Seamless Commerce, Infinite Possibilities: Unveiling Our Power-Packed Payment Integration with PaymentWall! 126 Local Gateways + 15 Exclusive Online Titans like TAP, MyFatoorah, Stripe, and Beyond. From Conventional Choices to Cutting-Edge Titans, Empower Your Transactions with Unrivaled Diversity. Elevate Trust, Expand Reach – Where Secure Payments and Boundless Potential Converge!

Unleash Your Commerce Empire: Introducing the AI Store – Your Gateway to Versatility and Success! Crafted for Singular Brilliance or Diverse Ventures, It’s Your All-in-One Solution. Dominate Dropshipping, Conquer Affiliate Marketing, sell any products online – All in One Home. From Tangible Treasures to Digital Delights, Witness Your Business Horizon Expand. Experience Commerce, Elevated!

Empower Your Reach: Unveiling the Next-Level Notification Arsenal of! Revolutionize Engagement with Onesignal’s Captivating Push, Email’s Profound Impact, SMS’s Direct Connection, and WhatsApp’s Instant Relatability. From Browsers to Phones, Seamlessly Command Attention on Every Front. Elevate Engagement, Extend Influence – Where Notifications Evolve into a Symphony of Connection!

Unleash AI Magic: Introducing, Your Ultimate Automated Sales Dynamo! Watch as Post Comment Replies Transform into Unstoppable Sales Magnets. With Auto Inbox Wizardry, Showcasing Your Products and Services Reaches a Vast, Engaged Audience. From Interaction to Conversion, Let AI Customer Care That You Can Train According To Your Business Data Fuel Your Sales Triumph. Elevate Engagement, Ignite Growth – Where Automation Meets Amplification!


The Next Generation AI Online Store

Simple storefront design but the most powerful online store machine in the Global market today!