Social Media Poster

Our is powered by the official social media API which means it’s safe and legal to use to manage your social media accounts.

Import Account

After your successful account activation you need to go to Import Account page and click the Login with Facebook button, select which Pages, Groups and Instagram Account you want to use in our system.

Enable Bot Connection

Now, you need to Enable Bot Connection by clicking the Plug icon to activate the page in using our system.

Social Poster Facebook and Instagram

Click the Social Posting on the menu and you will be redirected to the Facebook/Instagram Poster. Now you can choose the Multimedia Post and click the Create New Post.

Publish Post

From the Multimedia Post, you can use the 4 types of campaigns. The TEXT, LINK, IMAGE and VIDEO Post, you can only use Image Post for Instagram. On the left options, you can see the Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups and Instagram, select which account you want to publish the post.

CTA Post Type

CTA or Call To Action Post is one of the best feature of for Facebook Page posting. Write a campaign name, post message, paste the link URL that you want to post, choose a CTA Button Type, select the Facebook Page where you want to post then click the Create Campaign button, done.

Carousel Post

On Facebook/Instagram Poster, select the Carousel/Video Post as your main post type for Facebook. For Image Carousel, you need to write your Campaign Name, Choose a Page, add a Slider Link if needed, write a Post Message.

On Slider Content 1, write a Title, add an Action Link, add a Description, Upload the Image (1080×1080), to add more image slide, just click the Add More Content button.

Video Slideshow Post

Video Slide Show Post, is much easier to make, first, write a Campaign Name, Select a Page, write Post Message, Choose Image Duration (up to 5 seconds), Choose Transition Duration (up to 5 seconds), add an Image Link, then Upload Image (1080x1080px is best to use), you can add up to 7 Images for Video Slide Show.

Facebook Live Campiagn Post

Our Facebook Live Streaming with pre-recorded video is one of the best feature of, it’s great for online sellers and getting more Page Likes/Followers by streaming videos live in your Facebook Page. 

Making a Live Pre-recorded Video Post is easy, just write a Campaign Name and Post Content, Select Broadcast Pre-recorded Video From System, Upload Video, Select Video Width & Height, Choose Schedule Type (Now or Later), Choose other options tab then click the Create Campaign.

Why is Unique?

The Scheduled Post and Reposting capability of is one of the unique features that our users are extremely happy with.

Scheduled Post & Repost

You can now save your precious time using these features and handle more social media accounts without gambling your personal life.

There are thousands of reasons why Digital Marketers, Business Owners, and Students use our system, one is because of this feature.

Posting Time

All our Post Types have this Posting Time, you just need to uncheck the Post Now to use the Scheduled Posting.

Scheduled Posting

Once the Post Now is turned-off you will see these other option, you can now choose the Date and Time you want to publish the post, don’t forget to select your Time Zone accordingly, to avoid any post delay.


Reposting is great for News Page, Online Shops and many others. If you want to post the same content in any specific future Date & Time this feature is best for you.

All you need to do is uncheck the Post Now button, choose the Scheduled Date when you want to make the first post, select your Time Zone, choose how many Repost Times you want to republish the post, select a post Time Interval according to your preference.

Why is Powerful?

The only social media marketing tools in the whole world with these amazing functions.

Post Comment & Inbox Reply

They call it magic but it’s not, they say it’s impossible but it’s totally real and possible!.

Let your Facebook Page and Instagram account do the business for you!. Our Auto Comment Reply with Messenger Inbox Message Sent will do the magic.

Comment Growth Dashboard

On the Menu, click Comment Growth, you will be redirected to the Facebook/Instagram Comment Growth Tools page.

Comment Reply Create New Template

After you select the Comment Template, you will be redirected to this page, click the Create New Template to make your first comment auto reply.

Comment Reply Template

From here, you need to write a Template Name, then write your Auto Comment (this will be sent on Post Comment when someone commented on your post).

Comment Growth Dashboard

In the Facebook/Instagram Comment Growth Tools, select the Reply Template, you will be redirected to Auto Reply Template Manager where you will have to options CTA buttons. First is to Create New Template and second is to Change To Instagram or Facebook for this Auto Reply use, click the Create New Template to start making your first Auto Inbox Reply.

Auto Reply Options

Provide all the details for the Auto Reply Set-up, first is to Select Page to use, Offensive Comments set-up if needed (Optional), Choose some options that you prefer to use, Select Generic Message for All if you want to send an automatic reply to everyone who commented on your post, choose Send Message by Filtering Word/Sentence if you want to send this Auto Reply to someone who commented on your post with the same word/sentence.

Auto Comment on Auto Inbox

Write your Auto Reply Campaign Name, add your Message for Comment Reply (You can add the First Name, Last Name or Tag the person who commented in the post); this message will be sent to the post comment section. You can also add Image or Video on this comment reply if needed only.

Message Template for Private Reply

Now, here’s the best part of this feature, we will create a Message Template for Private Reply (This message will be sent directly to the Facebook Messenger Inbox of the person who commented on the post), to start, click the small + button with Add Message Template.

Auto Inbox Reply Message

Once the pop-up box for Inbox Reply Template, you need to provide some details on it. Write a Campaign Name, select Parent as Postback Type (Other advanced options will be introduced on the other tutorials such as VARIABLES, POSTBACK TYPES, LABELS, SEQUENCE CAMPAIGNS and REPLY TYPES).

Inbox Reply Message, Text with Buttons

On this tutorial, we use Text with Buttons as the Reply Type, you can turn-on the Typing On Display and set a Delay on Reply to make the inbox reply more human chat, provide your Reply Message that will be sent to the person’s Facebook Messenger Inbox. 

You can also Add More Button with this Reply Type, and Add More Reply if needed. Click the Submit button when you are done then click Close & Refresh List.


Comment Growth Dashboard

You will learn how to integrate/connect the Comment Reply and the Inbox Reply manually to posts using the Comment Growth Automation Campaign.

Comment Growth Automation Campaign Manual

On Comment Growth, select the Automation Campaign and you will redirected to the above page. Here you will see the Facebook Page name, you can also click the Change To Instagram Button if you are making an Instagram Campaign.

On the right side of the dashboard, you can see your Facebook Page latest posts, click the Cog Icon right downside of your profile icon.

Automation Campaign Cog

Click the Auto Comment Reply if you want to activate only the comment response.

Automation Campaign Comment Reply

Write an Auto Comment Campaign Name, Select a Comment Template that you want to use, click Save.

Automation Campaign Auto Inbox Reply

If you click the Enable Auto Reply then you will use the Auto Comment with Inbox Reply that we made. Just choose a Label or Create a Label then select which Inbox Reply to be used for post automation.

Auto Comment and Inbox Reply on Social Poster

With the use of Social Posting, it is much easier to integrate the Comment with Inbox Reply to the post.

When you create a post, simply click the Select Auto Reply Template located on the left side of the Social Poster Dashboard, choose which Auto Inbox Reply template you want to use for the post.