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We are very happy to introduce to you our latest Restaurant Online Ordering on Facebook Messenger System that is capable of processing customer food orders. The food and Beverage Industry was hit very hard due to the worldwide economic crisis because of the COVID19 Pandemic. Restaurants and Coffee Shops nowadays are serving their local customers through Online Ordering powered by delivery companies, business owners are paying at least 15% to 25% of their sales for this delivery service, that’s HUGE!.

Now you can have your own Restaurant Online Ordering with your Facebook Business Page plus with all the digital marketing features of POSTON App. Start earning more by selling on Facebook that is used by billions of people around the globe.

This tutorial will help you understand some key features of our App and you will learn how to build your Restaurant Online Ordering on Facebook Page Messenger.

Let’s Start!

POSTON Online Ordering

First, make sure that you have your POSTON Account before reading this tutorial.  Register for FREE  through this LINK.

Second, you should have your Facebook Business Page, please check our Demo Restaurant Order page for reference HERE.

Lastly, please don’t skip even a single line.

1. Setting-up your Store Payment Account

  • Login to your POSTON Account >>  click MESSENGER BOT >> select MESSENGER E-COMMERCE STORE >> click ACTIONS >>select PAYMENT ACCOUNTS

Fill all the information needed on the E-commerce Payment Account

  1. Write down your PayPal Emai Account
  2. Set-up your Stripe Developers Credential Key (Secret and Publisher)
  3. Select your preferred Currency
  4. Write your Manual Bank Payment process the click SAVE button.

E-commerce Payment Account


2. Setting-up Your POSTON Online Store

  • Login to your POSTON Account >>  click MESSENGER BOT >> select MESSENGER E-COMMERCE STORE >> click ACTIONS >>select STORES >> CREATE STORE

Fill all the Store Information

  1. Select your Restaurant Facebook Page
  2. Write your Restaurant Name on Store Name
  3. Choose your preferred Modes of Payments (PayPal, Stripe, Manual Bank Payment and Cash on Delivery)
  4. Upload your Restaurant Logo and Icon (Standard Pixel Size for Logo is 150×40 and 100×100 for the Icon)
  5. Write your business Terms of Service and Refund Policy
  6. Set your preferred Confirmation Message. The SMS and Email Confirmation messages are OPTIONAL.

Now you have created your own Restaurant Ordering Website with

You can now monitor your Store Cart Activities, Total Order, Checkout Order, and Total Earnings in your Store Dashboard. You can also see all the current orders and process them in your Dashboard by clicking the <ACTIONS button then click ORDERS.

Store Set-up


3. Setting-up Your Product Categories

In your Store Dashboard  click the <ACTIONS button and click CATEGORIES

Product Categories


Add All Your Products Categories

  1. Click the ADD CATEGORY Button
  2. Write your CATEGORY NAME
  3. Leave the ACTIVE Button and click SAVE

If you have Product Attributes like Size (Small, Medium, Large) and other, just click the <ACTIONS then click ATTRIBUTES and set-up all your preferred product attributes.

Set-up Product Categories


3. Setting-up All Your Products

In your Store Dashboard  click the <ACTIONS button and click PRODUCTS

Add All Your Products

  1. Select the corresponding category for your product, add Attributes if you have.
  2. Write the Products Name and add the Price.
  3. Write your Product Description and Purchase Note.
  4. Upload your Product Thumbnail and Featured Images (Standard Pixel Size is 512x512px for thumbnail and featured images)
  5. Click the SAVE button, add all your products.

Once you are done adding all your products then you need to integrate your POSTON Store to your Facebook Restaurant Page Messenger, to do that follow the next guide carefully, don’t skip a single line.

Add All Products


3. Integrating your POSTON Store to Facebook Page Messenger

  • Go to your POSTON Dashboard >> click MESSENGER BOT >> select POSTBACK MANAGER >> CREATE NEW TEMPLATE

You can add your own style of BOT for your Restaurant Facebook Messenger, there is no limit on BOT Creation.

Set-up a POSTBACK Template For Each Product Categories

Postback Manager Template for EACH Product Category

  1. Write your Template Name (Category Name + Carousel)
  2. Select your Restaurant Facebook Page
  3. Postback Type is PARENT, disregard Labels, and Sequence Campaign.
  4. Set-up the REPLY 1, select CAROUSEL as Reply Type (You can use other reply types according to your business needs)
  5. Set-up your CAROUSEL TEMPLATE 1, upload your Restaurant Product image (select product by your chosen category)
  6. Write the Product Name/Title and Product Sub-title/Name (check the image below for reference)
  7. Write a Button Text (Order Now/Buy Now)
  8. Button Type is Webview [Full] (remember this)
  9. For the Web Url, go back to your Store Dashboard then click <ACTIONS and select COPY URL, now select PRODUCT URL, and search your chosen product then copy the URL. Go back to this Add Postback Template and PASTE the Product URL in the Web URL tab.
  10. Click Add more button, write All Foods in Button Text, select Webview [Full] as Button Type, copy your STORE URL  from your Store and Paste it in the Web URL tab.
  11. Click Add more template, do the same for all the products that belong to your chosen category (from 5 to 10) for Carousel Template 2 and so on.

Postback Template for each product categories New

How To Get The Store URL, Product URL, and Order URL?

  • From your POSTON Dashboard click MESSENGER BOT >> select MESSENGER E-COMMERCE STORE >> click ACTIONS >>select STORES >> select your RESTAURANT PAGE >> click <ACTIONS >> click COPY URL



4. Integrating all your Postback Categories to Messenger Get Started Template


Set-up the GET STARTED TEMPLATE for ALL the Postback Categories

  1. Set-up the REPLY 1, choose TEXT WITH BUTTONS as Reply Type
  2. Write a Reply Message (check the image below for reference)
  3. Write Button Text (Category Name), Button Type is POSTBACK, select the corresponding Postback Category as Postback ID.
  4. Click Add more button, and add all 3 Product Categories on REPLY 1.
  5. Now, click Add more reply, then set-up the REPLY 2  with the remaining categories.

You can add more Reply and Buttons according to fit your Restaurant Products.

Get Started for Categories Postback

If you want to add a Quick Menu Tab inside your Facebook Page Messenger just read the next guide, this is only optional.


5. Adding a Quick Menu inside your Facebook Messenger Store


Setting-up the Persistent Menu Setting

  1. Leave the Locale as DEFAULT and the Composer input Disabled to NO.
  2. Write the Name of your preferred Menu to show on Facebook Messenger (My Orders), you can only add 2 Quick Menu Options.
  3. Click the Level-1 menu + Icon and write the second Menu Option (Our Store) then select POSTBACK
  4. Now, Add Postback for each Menu Option by clicking the + Add Icon

Restaurant Quick Menu for My Orders and Check Foods


Setting-up the added Postback Template for the Level-1 Menu Options

  1. Write your Template Menu (My Order)
  2. Postback Type is PARENT
  3. Complete the REPLY 1, select TEXT WITH BUTTONS for the Reply Type
  4. Write your Reply Message (check the photo for details)
  5. Write My Order List as the Button Text; choose Webview [Full] for the Button Type
  6. For the Web URL, go to your POSTON Store Dashboard >> click ACTIONS >> click COPY URL >> select and copy your ORDER URL, go back to the Added Postback Template and Paste it to the Webview Web URL.
  8. When all are set-up properly just click the SUBMIT button
  9. Click the < Options and select the Publish Persistent Menu.

Reply 1 Order List Template


Your Restaurant Online Ordering is now live online!, start selling your products on Facebook by using POSTON Digital Marketing App features.

Check our DEMO RESTAURANT Page to see how it works.

If you need more help please don’t hesitate to write a support ticket or message us on our Facebook Page at

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