POSTON Comment Automation Templates

After setting-up your Account and Subscribers you need to make sure that you set-up the POSTON Comment Automation Templates for Comment Auto Reply and Inbox Message Auto Reply. This tutorial is very easy to follow and can be done by non-technical users.

POSTON Comment Automation Features

  • Comment Template – use for automatic comment reply
  • Reply Template – use for automatic comment reply with an inbox message reply
  • Automation Campaign – use to target a specific post on your page and set-up reply comment
  • Tag Campaign – use to monitor your automation campaign list
  • Report – use to monitor all your comment automation results

Set-up Comment Template


Comment Reply Template


  1. Write the Template Name
  2. Write the Auto Comment Message

Comment Reply Add New Template


Set-up Reply Template


Inbox Reply Template


Create New Reply (Inbox) Template Full Guide

  1. Select your target Facebook Page
  2. Select Hide or Delete for Offensive Comments
  3. Write all the Keywords of all the Offensive Comments and Add Message Template to send on commenters inbox.
  4. Select YES for send message to a user multiple times
  5. Select YES for like on comment by page if you prefer this option
  6. Select Generic Message For All for comment reply in General or Send Message By Filtering Word/Sentence if you want to reply on comment with your preferred Word/Sentence.
  7. Write the Campaign Name
  8. Write the message of your Comment Reply
  9. Select the Inbox Reply Template if you already make 1. Click the Add Message Template to set-up a new template.

Auto Comment and Inbox Reply Template


Add Message Template Guide for Inbox Auto Message Reply

  1. Write the Template Name (should be unique)
  2. Select Parent as Postback Type
  3. Choose your Page Label, click the create label if you don’t have yet.
  4. Choose sequence campaign if you already set it (for this tutorial I won’t use any sequence campaign)
  5. Proceed to REPLY 1; Select your preferred Reply Type (for this tutorial I selected Text with Buttons)
  6. Write Reply Message that will be sent to the commenters Facebook Messenger Inbox
  7. Write your preferred Button Text, the Button Type is Web URL then paste the Web URL

Inbox Reply Full New Template

REPLY 1 Continuation Image…

Inbox Reply Full New Template Reply 1


This is how you will set-up your Comment and Inbox Reply Template. Please let us know if you need more help, send us a Support Ticket or message us on Facebook.



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