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How To Use POSTON.io As A Free Website Traffic Generator

POSTON.io is not only used for Social Media Management but it can be used as a Free Website Traffic Generator, this guide will help you understand our system more further.

Fake Traffic Vs Organic Traffic

Maybe you are scared to use it because you are thinking that your website will get penalized by Google, right? I will explain this to you first before proceeding to the tutorial.

Google won’t allow anyone to use any software generating traffic or BOT Traffic, that’s the rules under Google Terms. These BOTS traffic is not generated by the software and all the viewers are considered as fake, in addition to that, these viewers can’t click, scroll and stay to your website longer (that could hurt your Bounce Rate so bad).

POSTON.io is totally different. Let me explain it to you in the most understandable way.

You will get only ORGANIC Traffic from your own Social Media Pages Subscribers and other Social Media Platform Accounts. Social Media Traffic is 100% loved by Google, meaning, all the free traffic generated from POSTON.io are all 100% real and Google Adsense Safe.

How Can I Know If The Traffic Are From Real People?

It’s very simple, all the Social Media Accounts are used by real people right?, if not, then please report them. You can also check your Google Analytics to analyze the free website traffic that you are getting in real-time (Traffic Source and Location), check your website  Bounce Rate also.

You can use our very own URL Shortener also to track your live real-time traffic.

Can we proceed to the tutorial now?

Great! Let Start…

Things Needed For Set-up

POSTON.io Tutorial For Website Traffic Generation

Free Website Traffic Generator

Login to your POSTON.io account and be sure to set-up everything first before you continue to the next steps. If you don’t have any idea how to start using POSTON please click this LINK.

I assume that you already Imported your Account and done setting up the Comment Automation…

Now, let’s get started!

  • Choose a website URL or Post Article URL to target.
  • Shorten the URL using UNLIL, then copy the target shortened URL.

UNLIL URL Shortener

  • Now, go to your POSTON.io Dashboard and start posting your URL to your Facebook Pages using CTA Post of Social Posting.
  • Post your target URL to other Social Media Platforms also using POSTON Social Posting and add REPOST.
  • Send Inbox Message to all your Page Followers who OPT-IN to your Page Messenger by POSTON Non-pro Send with your URL, using Text with Buttons.

POSTON Non-promo send

  • Use our POSTON Sms and Email Bulk Sender to send messages or emails with your target URL to all your subscriber’s list.

This is how you get free organic social traffic using POSTON.io!, it’s very easy and can be done daily. It’s 100% Google Adsense Safe so there’s nothing to worry about.

For more tutorials please check our TUTORIAL page. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message us.


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